I have always been inspired and fascinated by things and circumstances that are not obvious, not tangible and hard to understand or even confusing and shocking - as maybe every artist. 

Over the years, a few main topics have emerged in my work that I have been picking up repeatedly and dealing with varous use of media and material, sometimes more, sometimes less seriously:

Current works encompassing Reverse are all about plastic - in many respects. In corona times these views focussed especially on the life and nature of not human-like beeings like animals - Formfunktionen

Visceral refers to the inner organs.

Am Orodio broaches the issues that are immanent to the art process itself. 

The works of Postanalytic Humming Synthesis try to reassemble free connotations without the approach of a profound concept - as the name suggests - and are earlier works. 

Furthermore, the photograps of To Whom It May Concern/Et Cetera function as kind of a study regarding and encompassing the major topics of my work. 

Joel Peter Witkin, the surrealistic works of Floria Sigismondi, Maya Deren and Alex Hammid, Edward Gory's drawings, the sculptural work of Rachel Kneebone, or Patricia Piccinini, Charlie White or the wonderful approaches to film by forever loved Jonas Mekas - to name just a few, have inspired my work and furthermore marked my way of perception and thinking. As did (American) trash, all cultural dots and spots around it and for that reason - of course: John Waters. How to handle all of this is something I admire Candice Breitz for. Strongly.

Moreover, the Russian fairytales I used to listen to as a child and the stranges stories about Jesus and other biblical figures, that our teacher told us in kindergarten have obviously left their trace.

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