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I am very interested in the socio-cultural construction and deconstruction of the term"normal" in connection with the concept of "naturalness".

The notice that nature is more and more locked away from the society/ the cultural group, I live in and our awareness for nature itself coexists with an increasingly strong trend towards sustainability, protecting the nature, being aware again, etc.


Personally, I  feel excluded from some "natural" processes that go on every day like death, giving birth, to slaughter an animal, and similar. For instance, in school we are taught about human organs, but we cannot see them, we don‘t see dead bodies with real organs, all we see is an abstract projection of things.

As a term, "natural" has always been changing, not at least also due to tranformation of nature. Living in a transformed world, the physical body, its structure  and physiological processes are a kind of a naturally given reminder in relation to one's personal construction of reality. 


I try to examine these aspects through a variety of media: I use clay, gypsum and latex for sculptural objects and make drypoint echtings as well as drawings and alienated image editing or photomontages. 

At a formal stage, I like to refer to organic forms or to something organically undefined. 

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