TV Memories (An American Quilt)

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The works of Reverse try to investigate and illustrate trends, short-lived practices, rituals, facial expressions and gesturing, (colloquial) languages, behavioral patterns of (western) civilization, both individual ones and practised in larger extend. 

This refers to the "small things" people do, which are documented and reproduced or fictionally construced via the mass media and futhermore probably may influence real life situations, behavior or public policy.

Harmless things and (constructed) circumstances and situations in everyday lives, that in the future or in another culture will be hard to understand or not be understood at all, perhaps will be forgotten soon or will even be seen as morally reprehensible or as a crime.

For instance, people eat their meals out of plastic boxes or take coffee to go. 

Another example: In American TV shows people can be spotted wearing shoes in their homes, on their couches and on their beds. That is something a lot of people also do in real life (in the U.S.), but at the same time, many other people may find it disgusting.

Of course, these phenomena can not exclude the research of eventual relations to methods  

and (culture) techniques aswell as development and dissemination of traditions, habits, rites, practices passed on for centuries, long-established crafts with much or little or no sense, meaning, love.

Still: "King of Queens"  © CBS
Still: "King of Queens" © CBS

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