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Gunadakeit Chess, 2011

Drafts for an interactive, overdimensional game of chess to be situated besides a lake 


According to a legend of the Tinglit, Gunakadeit is a sea monster living at the southeast coast of Alaska. It is supposed to bring wealth, prosperity succes and fortune. In genereal, waters contain some latent mystery in itself. Seas and lakes have provided an incentive for stories, myths, fables and legends for centuries.

The lake created in Aspern where the game is intended to be implemented is still "fresh", almost virginal and yet feelings of weirdness and wishfullness occur. The idea is, to build an outdoor-chess game with mythical creatures, approximately 50cm tall, right in the environment of the flooded gravel pit.

The pieces would not simply have to be placed on the board, the users should "acquire" every single figure - to increase the tension, to make people curious and connect them with each other through a joint activity. As to enhance this joint activity, there is another game in this game of chess:

 There are miniature figures, hidden everywhere around the lake, possibly even in it, that are to be found and put together by the players of Gunakadeit Chess

On specific dates people can meet and enter into a list.

 A type of chess piece, e.g. the rook, will be set up on the board when six differet miniature figures were found. The game can only work if all pieces have been placed, that means  6 times a "group" was found. The finders may keep the miniatur figures as a souvenir or collectible.



100 miniature figures made of latex, 10 cm: latex, ceramic material (clay), gypsum

32 large chess pieces: manufactured of glass fiber reinforced plastic 


checkerboard pattern on asphalt in acrylic colors

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